Basic Training for Real Estate Math

Over the past year or so, I’ve received a lot of comments and questions concerning various real estate math topics.  So I decided to take all of this information and begin compiling it into an ebook to help people with various topics in real estate math.  It’s been several months in the making but this past weekend I sent it off to be reviewed and verified (I would be embarrassed to have math errors in a my math book).  So if everything goes as planned I will be launching the book here in a few short weeks!!!

Why add another real estate math eBook to the market place?

Good question!  So before I began writing this book I looked over several real estate math books to see what additional value I could provide.  What I noticed is that as I went through the books I could tell that an professional instructor wrote the book.  It explained math like I would expect to hear it in a classroom.  So I decided to write it like I was sitting down trying to help a friend understand the math and concepts.  For example, proration seems to be a big tripping point for some people so I broke it down into several components and really focused on getting the reader to understand the concept as well as the steps to get to the correct answer.


Basic Training for Real Estate Math


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Below is the chapter and topic list from the book:

Chapter 1, Back to the Basics
Rounding Decimals
Debits and Credits

Chapter 2, Proration
Practice Questions (This was a big topic on the site so I came up with 20 practice questions to help)

Chapter 3, Financial Math in Real Estate
Interest Rates
Loan to Value Ratio
Debt to Income Ratio
Taxes & Insurance in a Mortgage Payment

Chapter 4, Land and Home Measurements
Converting Inches to Decimals
Calculating Shapes and Areas

Chapter 5, Valuation Models 
Sales Comparison Approach
Cost Approach
Income Approach

Chapter 6, Calculating Leases
Rent per Square Foot
Percentage Lease
Index Lease

It also has over 75 practice questions that were designed to step you through each math topic and help you learn.  I did not just give you the answers to the practice questions.  I explained how I got the answer to them as well.

How much will this awesome, fantastic and incredible book cost?

Another good question!  Okay, I might have gone a little overboard with the adjectives but I’m a little biased.  The regular price of the book is $19.