Customer Service and the Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents and the Customer
Written by Travis

I don’t look at residential real estate as a sales career. If I did then I would have chosen a different profession. That’s just not my thing. So I started thinking about my friends that are successful in sales and what common factors contribute to their success. What I discovered is that they all build trust and lasting relationships with their clients. On the surface, my friends appear to be natural salespeople but what makes them good at their job is that they EXCEL at customer service!

That was good news to me because customer service has always been something that I enjoy doing. Yes, that may seem weird to some of you but I loved waiting tables and working retail.
More recently, I’ve work in the corporate world and I can see how my customer service skills have been helpful to my career. Think about this, no matter who you work for or what you do you will have internal and/or external “customers” that need your product or service. You have to build trust and relationships in order to have a successful and enriching career and that IS customer service.

One key item to mention, in order to provide great customer service you must provide a quality product. So whether you’re providing a sales forecast or processing payroll you must provide quality output.

At the risk of over simplifying the real estate agent duties, to me the only thing I have to “sale” to a potential client is me. After a client chooses to use my services it’s all about servicing my client. Now at this point some of you may be wondering about the listing side of the business – isn’t that sales? I consider that marketing. It’s our job to attract buyers to our clients listing and to do that by using the tools in our marketing arsenal that includes all sorts of ways to get agents and potential buyers to the home. However, I will not try to push someone to buy a home that is not right for them just to earn a commission. That’s NOT providing good customer service.
My friends and I have had some lively discussions on the dividing out what exactly is marketing versus sales versus customer service so we just agreed that there is some gray area. However, we all did agree that providing excellent customer service is the key to getting and keeping customers.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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