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Written by Travis

On August 9th, I launched a new real estate community area of Basic Training for Real Estate.  It’s purpose is for you and me to get together and discuss ways to better ourselves as real estate agents.  Just like this site, it is meant for new and experienced agents to use as a tool to hone our craft and become our best.

I’ve kicked it off with 3 forum areas to start.

  • The first is “Real Estate Math”.  Pretty self explanatory here.  Please post any questions or comments you have regarding real estate math.
  • The next area is “Getting your License”.  This area is focused on what areas that interest people about getting your real estate license.  This can be pretty broad in scope so let’s see where it goes.  If you’d like to know more now about getting your license then please click here to read my post.
  • The 3rd area “Getting Leads” has to do with growing our contact list (database).  This is meant to spark discussion around how each of us get and maintain our leads.  The life blood of our income.

If you have any more suggestions or topics please let me know.  I’m new at this and really excited to get the community up and running for everyone.

Now to the not so fun but necessary stuff:

There are some basic rules that I’d like to layout for the real estate community.  These are meant to help the forum a friendly and useful place to share our experiences and feel safe enough to ask questions without worrying about silly people trying to pick a fight.

  1. Keep it friendly!  Do not start picking fights with your negative comments.  I’m guessing that most people that post negative comments on the internet would NEVER say those things if the person they are addressing was sitting right in front of them.
  2. No spamming, flaming, trolling and all of those other negative things people do.
  3. Keep it clean!  If you would be embarrassed to tell or show your grandmother then don’t post it here.  If your grandmother was wild – you should still get the point.
  4. Stay on topic.  This is meant for people that are excited and interested in real estate.  Other topics should be addressed somewhere else.
  5. I reserve the right to add more rules (hopefully none of these will be necessary to enforce)

It is my hope that people on this real estate community will all be professional and have a little fun while becoming better real estate agents.  However, if someone does take advantage of this board then they and their posts will be removed.

With all of that said I hope that people will start leaving posts and questions soon.  If you have any suggestions to help get this started please let me know.

So please click below and get started posting today!

Real Estate Community



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