How to Get Your Real Estate License?


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Get your Real Estate License.

Getting your real estate license can be very different depending on the state you where you would like to be licensed.  Click on your state below to visit the state’s official website and discover more about how to become a real estate agent in your area.

Update: 6/15/16 – I just published a post on Getting Your Real Estate License. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


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There are two portions of the exam.  One is a national portion that is of course the same in every state and the second is a state portion that gets more specific with the needs of your state.  Also, states can require you to pass certain courses and/or have a number of credit hours before sitting to take the exams.

The national portion consists of approximately 80 questions (as of date of this post) that include the following topics:

  • Real Property Characteristics and Definitions
  • Property Valuation
  • Buyer and Seller Contracts and Relationships
  • Federal Laws in Real Estate
  • Financing the Transaction
  • Property Management
  • Brokerage Operations
  • Real Estate Calculations
  • Ethics
  • and more…

Preparing for your exam can be stressful so we’ve added a section on this site to help with the math portion and will other sections as we grow.  This site was built to help everyone interested in a career in real estate.  Whether you are preparing to sit for the exam or a seasoned professional we can all learn more and benefit from other people’s experience.

Well, I hoped that this site has helped you determine how to become a real estate agent in your state.  I’d love to hear how your journey is going so please leave me a comment when you have a minute.



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