Below is list all of the tools that have helped me grow as an agent and blogger.  Please know that most of the links are affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and make a purchase then I will get paid a portion of the purchase price.  Thank you all for your support!


I’ve made a little bit of money on this blog so I decided to put together a How to Start a Blog section to help agents see how easy it is to get their own blogs up and running.

How to Start a Real Estate Blog

As books go, first and foremost this is one of the few books that I have read more than once.  In fact, I still go back and review certain sections.  For some reason this book motivates me to go out and be the best agent possible.

Below are some other books that I have not read but were recommended to me as great books for new agents.  Please be sure to read the details and reviews before purchasing to make sure they are good purchases for you.

For Basic Training for Real Estate I use Blue Host.  They have been great over the past few years and highly encourage anyone to use them.  They made it very simple for me and saved me a bunch of time with their online tools.  I’m also in the beginning stages of developing a site that will help you get started blogging quickly using tools like Word Press and Blue Host.  Please stay tuned for more!


In my post Personal Budgeting 101, I mention a spreadsheet that has helped me and my wife out for many years.  Below is the link to download the spreadsheet

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