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Know the Energy Efficiency Potential of Your Home

Energy efficient homes have a higher resale value and can be easier to sell than a home that is not. If the home buyer is well-informed about the advantages of an energy-efficient home then using energy efficiency as a selling point is no problem. However, the problem is that not many homes in the US have their energy efficiency up to standard and in some areas people may be uneducated on this subject. As a real estate agent, it is important to know what energy efficient features apply to the home which you are selling and then use that as your selling point. In a case where the home is not energy efficient, it would be to your advantage to know what areas of the home have the potential for an upgrade to increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Energy efficiency goals (Zero energy homes)


The first step would be to educate yourself as a real estate agent on energy efficiency so that you can provide valuable information about this subject on the home you sell. Here are some guidelines on how to improve a house to make it more energy-efficient.


Air sealing

Some homes leak a lot of air, which can lead to a high electricity bill. Sealing those openings around the windows and doors will help to keep the cool air in during the summer and your home warm during the winter.



It is important to know whether the home has good insulation in the ceilings, attic, and walls. If yes, then it is an excellent way to ensure the buyer that the home will keep well warm in the winter and the reverse applies during the summer times. Unfortunately, if the home is not well insulated, the best advice is that insulation in the attic is easy to install.



Vinyl window frames and even wood are known to be more energy efficient than aluminum frames. These frames are much more resistant to heat transfer. Installing double glazed windows is another revamping option the homeowner has to make, in order to make sure the heat stays in and the cold out.


Appliance and fixture in the home

If the home comes with some appliances which are energy star, then that is a plus. Switching the showerhead and toilet to a low-flow fixture are simple installments that the buyer can make to ensure efficiency. The water heater with insulation around the pipes can also get upgraded if needed. Another thing that can be advised to the buyer is to change the lighting to energy star fluorescent lights, as this is one of the simplest ways to cut down the bills.


Solar panels

Having a listing with solar panels can make a great sale as they usually have a high resale value. If the home buyer is interested in adding solar panels to their home, then it is important to know whether the home has solar potential or not. Roofs within 40 degrees facing directly south, with enough space and without any obstacles blocking the sun have great potential for solar panels. However, there are ways to apply solar power to almost any roof, and the best bet is to call a professional for an official inspection.



When it comes to making a home energy efficient, most of us neglect to think outside the four walls. If a home has a large enough outside area, then it brings a great opportunity to add some trees. Trees can provide us shade during the summer, that is a fact. In addition to shade, the condensation of water in the leaves gets carried to the home by the wind, bringing a cooling effect to the home. Therefore having a good yard space, means you can provide a natural surrounding that can add to your homes energy efficiency.


Rainwater catchments

If your buyer is eager on making energy-efficient changes around his potential home, then another idea you can lay on the table is to invest in a rainwater collection system. Watering the lawn with water you trap from the rain run down from the roof can help in water savings and decrease stormwater. If there is space on the side of the home where the downspout ends, then there will be no need for complicated installations. However, if the water catchment needs to be placed somewhere else in the yard, it is still seen as a significant long-term investment which will also add value to the home.


There are many ways to make a home energy efficient. Real estate agents, should get informed on all thing energy efficient, as the home buyers are becoming more eco-friendly and the need for energy efficient homes are rising. Knowing the energy potential of the home that is up for sale can help you up your sales game. And by providing buyers with some useful energy effective tips on remodeling the home will open their eyes to the potential of the home. By staying up to date with the latest energy efficiency installations, you will get seen as the helpful and caring professional that you intend to be.


Hello All – I’m pleased to share another guest post today from Matt J with South Shore Roofing.  I hope this helps you see the benefits of having an energy efficient home whether you’re and agent or as a homeowner yourself.



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