Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social Media and the Real Estate Agent
Written by Travis

Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate is a competitive industry. It is only going to get more competitive in the coming years. Many predict that home prices will continue to climb, but more homes will likely become available. This means there will be more competition for the homes you list for sale. Keeping this in mind, agents need to learn how to market using social media. Social media for real estate is perhaps one of the most important mediums for you to use today to connect with both buyers and sellers to grow your practice.

Why Social Media Matters

Social media is the single most common place people go to learn, gather information, get opinions, and find what they need. The real estate industry is embracing this technology instead of allowing it to disrupt their business model. With these tips, you can grow your client base, sell faster, sell at a higher value, and create repeat customers.

Get on the Major Sites

First, create pages on the most popular websites for real estate agents. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Some agents also benefit from Snapchat and Pinterest. There is no cost to building a page. Customize it with your logo, background information, and available listings. This needs to be a sub-website for your business. Make it look good.

Post Engaging Content

With your pages established, now you need to connect with people. The best way to build a following on these pages is to create stunning content. Every piece of content you place on your social media pages needs to be eye-catching and interesting. As an added bonus, if you can consistently drive traffic to pages on your site, many online experts agree this is helpful in increasing your organic traffic over the long-term. Here are some tips:

  • Always use a photo. Ensure it is a professional, clear photo. You can use your listing photos if you are posting about a property.
  • It’s not all about your listings. Provide advice. Discuss market trends. Tell buyers what they should be looking for in a new home. Be sure your posts show you are an industry leader in the local market.
  • Use video. Drone footage outside of the home is an exceptional investment. It shows people what they are buying. You can also use video of the community you focus on. This, again, helps you to stand out like the true professional.

Network and Build Relationships

Social media is never about sales. It is all about networking and creating a following because you have impressed your readers. To be successful, follow these tips:

  • Engage in the comments section.
  • Talk to people. Discuss information.
  • Keep things positive, but be honest and open.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Join area Facebook pages and message boards. You need to get active in the community. Today, the community is online.
  • Utilize professional connections, too. LinkedIn is excellent for this. It gives you the ability to connect with those who may help you sell a home.

You’ll need to gauge the success of any marketing campaign you put together including those for real estate ventures. However, it is very important for real estate agents to view their professional social media pages as a tool for showcasing their business. This is an opportunity to provide for the needs of your consumer – what do they want to know and how can you solve their problems?

I hope you enjoyed this article on social media from Mark Zawaideh.  You can read more about his team and blog here.  Here’s a little bit about him and his team – The MARK Z. Home Selling Team is currently ranked among the Top 10 Real Estate Teams in the entire world! Mark holds himself to the highest level of accountability in order to reach his ultimate goal of helping 500 clients each year buy and/or sell a home.  He attributes the secret to his success to very forward thinking, continuous learning, very aggressive pro-active marketing techniques and most importantly, providing significantly better customer service than his competition (See, I told you customer service is VERY important).



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